21c Selects Holiday Dessert Pairings

Get into the holiday “spirits” with these bourbons from the exclusive and esteemed 21c Selects Private Barrel Program. 

21c Yellowstone x Pecan Pie 

Bourbon and pecan pie were made for each other. Whether you go the traditional route or opt for the decadent Kentucky Bourbon pie (which includes chocolate!), our 2022 Yellowstone pick offers light barrel spice, tobacco, and orange with a lingering sweetness working in harmony with the richness of pecan pie. 

21c Angel’s Envy x Apple Pie 

Apple pie remains a staple dessert not too specific to any one holiday, and always pairs well with our 2023 single barrel from Angel’s Envy. The port wine barrel finish adds dark fruit on top of butterscotch. 

21c Buzzard’s Roost x Pumpkin Pie 

This twice barreled bourbon has plenty of barrel spice to complement the already spice-forward pumpkin pie. Notes of vanilla, sarsaparilla, and clove work harmoniously with the creamy pumpkin filling. 

21c Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon 2022 x Chocolate Chip Cookies 

The 2022 21c Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon pick complements a traditional chocolate chip cookie with cacao, orange, and clove. Don’t wait for the holidays, enjoy this two together all year round.